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Mailbag time

Hello Story-friends.

So, this week I have some apologizes.  I was too busy playing other games to finish playing this week’s game of Apocalypse World.  First world problems, I know.  But this week off gives me the opportunity to dip into the electronic mail bag and answer some of the questions I’ve been meaning to get to.

Nice.  Very nice.

–T Davids

Thanks!  I’m glad you like it so far.  That’s not really a question though…

Is Uni City based on a real place?  It seems you have the geography figured out pretty well.


Yeah, it’s actually based on the University of Central Florida, the school I got my undergrad at and also worked at for a few years.  Here’s a map of the place:

I like this story your putting up, but it comes out so randomly.  What gives?

–Franklyn C

Glad YOU’RE enjoying.  My goal is to post something at least every weekend, but these Uni City installments have been going kind of long so I’ve been posting them in chunks, usually of one or two characters.

When I break it up like this I try to put something up on Tuesdays and Thursdays (in addition to the normal weekend post), but it depends on when I have some free time (from all the other games I’ve been playing, busy life you know). 

I like your stories and everything, but you curse all the time and write about sex and stuff.  It makes it hard to read at work.  Any thoughts about a safe for work version?


Hm, not really SoccerDad.  I doubt I’ll put up any potentially offensive images, but you can expect naughty bits when appropriate.  I strive not to add anything gratuitously, but I can’t really make any promises.

That being said, the nature of Apocalypse World kind of encourages more adult content.  It’s fairly possible that whatever the next Story-Friend project I work on will be friendlier for all ages.  (I wouldn’t bet on that though.)

Speaking of…

What’s the deal with all the math problems in these stories?  I’m really confused.

–U Gel E

This whole Uni City project is the product of me playing a roleplaying game by myself and writing up the results.  Those math problems are the dice that I rolled to affect the story.  It’s been a pretty interesting way to write a story.

The game I’m playing is called Apocalypse World.  You can learn more about it (and buy it) right here:

I love Apocalypse World.  I’ll play with you.  Anyway, just one question, what playbooks are your main characters?

–V. Baker

I know, it’s such a great game.  I can’t wait to actually play with other people.   I’ll put you on my list of potential players.

Dice is a Chopper, a leader of a biker gang (I interpreted “biker” a bit differently than the standard I think).

October is a Skinner, a supernaturally beautiful stripper.

Scrib is a Hoarder, someone who obsessively looks for things to add to their sentient collection (sort of reinterpreted this a bit too).

Mr. Sunshine is a Maestro’D, the owner of a place to get things.  I changed this class around a bit because I wanted to make someone closer to Ian McShane’s character on Deadwood.  Pretty much all I did was swap all references of the stat “hot” with the stat “cool.”  As you can see, he didn’t turn out all that similar to McShane’s character, but I still like him a lot.

Reading these chapters backawards is really annoying.  Is there anyway to read them from oldest to newest?

–Reed Rick

I can see how that would be annoying.  I’m kind of new at Word Press, so I don’t know if there’s any really easy way to reverse the posts’ order.  I guess you would click the Lone Wolf Theatre tag so that all of them come up.  I don’t know that it will display them in the order you want though.

My tentative plan is to keep doing Uni City for two or three more weeks.  After the last post I’ll put up a page of all the links in order.  That should hopefully help.

This blog is awful.  Roleplaying is for nerds and you are a nerd.  I bet you are the kind of loser that would make up emails to respond to.

–Aida R.

Hm, no comment.

That’s enough emails for today.  If you’d like to ask some questions, make some comments, or offer criticism and/or praise, feel free to email me at or comment somewhere on this very web page.

Tune in next week for more installments of Uni City and perhaps some more inane ramblings from your very special story-friend.

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