Portraits of Apocalypse

Hey Story-friends,

No new Uni City chapter today.  I’m still hard at “work” playing the game and making notes.  I should have at least one character’s section up by Wednesday.  I’ve gotten addicted to the Avengers game on Facebook, so everything is falling a bit behind.  

To whet your appetites, here is a confession: I loosely based Scrib on this character I made a few years ago.  I thought him up for my roommate, Kelly’s, birthday party.  Aside from sharing a house, we also share a tendency for over ambitious party themes.  This one was post-apocalypse themed.  She created two factions which would fight at the party’s climax.  Backstories were encouraged.  

Unfortunately, I got a bit too drunk and forgot most of what happened (oh, college days), but I do remember the concept of my persona.  He was the scribe of one of the factions and was a reluctant loner.  He was born in a library where his parents taught him how to read.  When they died, he travelled out to teach others how to read and to document the stories of the world.  

Also, Kelly did a photo shoot before the party, when we were all still sober.  You might notice the leather bound book in this Scrib’s left hand.  You might also notice he he gets his fashion sense from his favorite books–mythology texts in this case.  

This is pretty much how I imagine Scrib.  Just add some wire glasses and maybe lose the shirt and the archer’s glove.  

Who the other two girls (and dog) are, you will have to decide.  

Speaking of deciding, I’ve been spending some time combing through photos by the amazing Lee Jefferies.  I’m hoping to find some portraits that fit some of the people from Uni City, but I keep getting distracted by how fantastic they are.  Maybe you can make some suggestions?  Maybe I’ll send a prize to anyone that picks an especially appropriate photo.  

Anyway, I guess I should go to sleep at some point.  

Until next time, story-friends!Image 

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