Apocalypse World: Uni City Chapter 3b

(Hoard 6+1=Hold 1)

Scrib stares blankly at the wall in front of him. His left hand is furiously scribbling into a notebook.

(Open your mind to the psychic maelstrom: 11+2=great hit)

Scrib writes.

“The rage of the forest disarms the harvester.”

Scrib blinks and his hand slows. Someone had just spoken to him.

“What does that mean?”

He looks behind him. It’s Peppering reading over his shoulder. He quickly shuts the notebook. “Nothing. I don’t know. What’s wrong?”

Peppering almost answers, but she’s interrupted by the jingling of the beaded curtain that leads to his bedroom and workspace.

It’s October. Scrib’s heart skips a beat. A few beats. It’s possible he suffers cardiac arrest, but he stands up.

“Hey Pep, I need some alone time with Scrib.”

Peppering picks up her trusty metal baseball bat, but Scrib puts his hand on her arm. “It’s ok, Pepper.”

Peppering is not happy about this, but Scrib’s full attention is already back on October. He doesn’t notice when she stops at the curtain and looks back at him, hoping he might change his mind. He doesn’t.

When they’re alone October strolls around Scrib’s room. “Did you hear what happened upstairs?”

“Sounded like someone was getting rowdy.”

“Yeah, someone got rowdy enough to almost knock Mr. Sunset out,” she says. She picks up one of Scrib’s notebooks and flips through it. Scrib squirms in his seat.

“I’m worried, Scrib,” she says. He walks over to her and closes the notebook. She looks up at him and touches his hand on the notebook.

“Maybe you could ask Mr. Millions to give us some real weapons.”

Scrib focuses on October’s hand. It’s so warm it seems to burn him, but he doesn’t move it.

“I don’t think he’d go for that,” Scrib says.

She moves her hand up to his shoulder. It’s a practiced movement and gives him chills and hot flashes at the same time.

“Well, he put us in charge of guarding Uni’s best warrior. And you have so much influence over him now that what’s his name is dead.”

“I don’t know,” he says. He’s not paying much attention to what she’s saying.

Her hand glides under his shirt and then up his chest. She leans in and whispers into his ear. “I guess you’re going to make me convince you.”

(October Seduce or manipulate: 4+3=hit
He marks xp if he gets them guns.)

Then they fuck.

(October holds 3 on him.)

(Scrib asks some questions:
How can I make this mine?
Convince her it will help her position)
(Who will stand in my way?
Just about everyone. Most of all Sunset and Peppering.)
(What is it truly worth?
Not a whole lot. She might be more trouble than it’s worth. Although everyone would respect him pretty much instantly. )

Afterward Scrib stares at the ceiling and blinks. He’s wanted that for so long.

He’s only dimly aware that October is collecting his clothes that she threw around the room. He only looks at her when she drops them in front of him.

“Get a move on, Scrib. We need those weapons.”

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  1. #1 by T Davids on April 3, 2012 - 1:13 am

    Nice. Very nice.

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