Story friends,

I sort of hate beginnings, don’t you?  Think of the three-act structure—the whole first act is dedicated to all the boring stuff.  Let’s see what the hero’s life is like before he/she becomes a hero.  No thanks.  If I wanted mundane I could read my diary (actually, that’s the place I go for melodrama and hyperbole).  I would much rather jump right in to the interesting part.  The more you think about it, though, the more you realize that a story just isn’t a story without the setup.

With that in mind, here is the inaugural entry/article/episode/chapter (I’m still debating what each unit will be called) of Story Friend!  My goal with this blog is to discuss the importance of stories, analyze stories and try to glean their meanings, and share some stories with all the story-lovers who happen to find this humble web log.

I guess I’ll keep this first entry/article/episode/chapter brief and just share a bit of my own story with you.  I have a BA in creative writing and my MFA in scriptwriting is in the mail (or so they tell me).  I’ve lived in central Florida since I was about seven.  I grew up reading comic books and then coming up with original stories that my friends and I could act out on the playground (weirdly enough, all the superheroes in those early days had children which had their same powers and costumes, maybe one day I’ll talk about the adventures of Spider-Kid and Wolvie).  I often cheat at video games so I can experience the plot without needing to wait to actually develop any kind of skill.  Even though I have a Masters in English, I’m not amazing at grammar and often get asked to spell things even though I couldn’t speel my way out a paper bag.  I mean “spell.”  I love parenthesis and run-on sentences a bit too much (or have you noticed that already)?  I used to be an activist, but not so much anymore—although I will still debate politics all night if you dare me to.  And, let’s see, I eat pizza an average 6 times a week.

This might have been the most boring entry/article/episode/chapter (at least so far).  Join me next week when I talk about something pretty familiar to all of you.

Hope to see you then, story friends!

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